Far-left and Denuclearization of Europe

Far-left and Denuclearization of Europe

Igor Olegovych, NOVA ( translation: Maurice Chavez)

Just before its fall, Soviet Union made a big favour to the opponents of nuclear energy. All thanks to the irresponsibility of its party-programme-driven employees and out-of-date technologies that could make Chernobyl catastrophe happen.

Today, left activist groups and Greenpeace are actively using “Chernobyl precedent” to rise anti-nuclear hysteria and cease further development of nuclear energy in Europe. They have achieved much success in their struggle by completely halting the development of nuclear power plants (NPPs) in many EU countries. In 1997 Germany, for instance, has made a decision to retreat nuclear energy completely and close all her NPPs before 2022. France, a European leader in production and consumption of nuclear energy, declared its intentions to reduce the share of NPPs in energy production drastically, from 79% to 50% by 2025.

Indeed, it is hard to call those decisions wise – despite the hysteria, facts show that NPPs are still being the cheapest and the safest energy source. According to the most pessimistic data presented by World Health Organization, the total number of those who died or could die because of the Chernobyl incident is 4000 people. This number includes a few dozens of those who died at the site during the event. Sad as it is, it cannot be compared to tremendous devastations caused by coal and oil industries, resulting both from catastrophes (spillages, fires) and side effects of production (soil, water and air poisoning). Annually, deaths of almost 5.5 million people are linked to oil and coal production, according to American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Curiously, leftist anti-nuclear zeal is well aligned with the interests of transnational oil companies, that have nuclear energy as their main competitor. Besides enormous profits, oil is the most powerful tool of geopolitical control. It definitely worth to buy a couple of yelling leftist, especially since obeying marginal groups is a part of virtue-signalling for Western governments.

At the same time, Russia is waiting with her “environmentally friendly” fossil fuel power stations to join the markets cleared by caring leftists from “evil NPPs”. At least for profits, if not for geopolitical control.

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