National Struggle and Collaboration

The degree of hypocrisy is stunning. Organisations that are calling themselves “nationalist” are supporting the canonical “Antifa-state” which uses the word “nationalism” as a damnation in its propaganda and keeps virtually all active Russian nationalists locked in prisons. The official ideology of Muscovite state is based on the glorification of “victory against fascism”, multiculturalism and pride for Bolshevik suppression of nationalist movements in former socialist countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Litva, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Chech Republic). Not a surprise, in 2014 Moscow justified her invasion of Ukraine by the need to protect the “Russian-speaking population” from a “nationalists coup”.

Rus and the Steppe

Today, the struggle for the conquest of the steppe is far from the end. There are no more nomadic tribes of Pechenegs, and Cumans are gone, but Muscovites are still there. Perhaps, they are the last horde in Europe, the only white people with Asian mentality. Even though Muscovites have built towns and villages, deep in their souls they will forever keep a strong desire for the steppe, for its culture and its custom.

Far-left and Denuclearization of Europe

Today, left activist groups and Greenpeace are actively using “Chernobyl precedent” to rise anti-nuclear hysteria and cease further development of nuclear energy in Europe. Indeed, they have achieved much success in their struggle by completely halting the development of nuclear power plants (NPPs) in many EU countries. In 1997 Germany, for instance, has made a decision to retreat nuclear energy completely and close all her NPPs before 2022. France, a European leader in production and consumption of nuclear energy, declared its intentions to reduce the share of NPPs in energy production drastically, from 79% to 50% by 2025.

Archaic Сivilisations, Constant Revision and Noble Stillness

Archaic civilisations could exist for so long because they did not have any passion for constant revision and change of their sham values. When a set of core beliefs is altered each generation, one can only dream of historic continuity. Ancient Greece and modern Europe are two examples of the cultures that condemned themselves to an early death with their desire to constantly change their attitudes and unchecked circulation of gods and their substitutes, while China and Egypt were passing millennia in glorious inertia. The same is true for African cultures prior to their contact with Europeans. Now, those are also under the threat, since they had to adopt the alien ways. By losing their noble stillness, they are thrusting towards an inevitable fall, just as all those transitory civilisations that do not have a capability to last for more than a couple of decades.