Archaic Сivilisations, Constant Revision and Noble Stillness

Archaic Сivilisations, Constant Revision and Noble Stillness

Emil Michel Cioran (Tranlsation: Maurice Chavez, editing: Celebrimbor)

[…] they had to adopt the alien ways. By losing their noble stillness, they are thrusting towards an inevitable fall

– Emil Michel Cioran

Archaic civilisations could exist for so long because they did not have any passion for constant revision and change of sham values. When a set of core beliefs is altered each generation, one can only dream of historic continuity. Ancient Greece and modern Europe are two examples of the cultures that condemned themselves to an early death with their desire to constantly change their attitudes and unchecked circulation of gods and their substitutes. Meanwhile, China and Egypt were passing millennia in glorious inertia. The same is true for African cultures prior to their contact with Europeans. Now, those are also under the threat, since they had to adopt the alien ways. By losing their noble stillness, they are thrusting towards an inevitable fall, just as all those transitory civilisations that do not have a capability to last for more than a couple of decades.

Traditions, communities and civilisations are different in their scale and lifetime. However, they all are subject to the same universal law – the source of ultimate energy on which they rely in their rising is destined to become limited and extinguish itself with time. And, when the creative passion, this main motivator, faints, the decay begins. In contrast with the turmoiled periods of growth, the age of dusk is perceived to be a norm, and it is a norm indeed, even too much of a norm, which makes it almost equally grave.

A folk that reached prosperity, one that consumed all its talents and depleted its genius, pays for that success with infertility. When the duty has been fulfilled, a folk desires to live up its last days in peace, but, alas, such could not be possibly achieved. When Romans – or their pitiful remainder – decided to retreat to the calm, barbarians stepped into the resulting void.

A textbook on barbarian invasion will tell us that up to the mid-5th century, Germans, who served in the army and administration of the Empire, used to adopt Latin names. However, later the German ones became only appropriate. Their degenerate masters, while being assaulted from every side, elicited neither respect nor fear. There were no more reasons to adopt their naming customs. “Everywhere, there reigned a deadly, sluggish madness”, wrote Salvian, the most merciless accuser of the ancient culture in its ultimate stage of decay.

Emil Michel Cioran
Emil Michel Cioran

One evening in the subway (in Paris) I looked around: everyone, including me, were aliens… Only two or three, judging by the look of their faces, were natives, and they apparently felt uncomfortable and felt guilty to be among us. The same for London.

In our times, migrations happen not as massive resettlements, but follow the form of gradual penetration: aliens slowly leak into the natives’ habitat, while the later, anaemic and delicate, do not lower themselves to the idea of “one’s own territory”. Doors that were carefully guarded for thousands of years now are being held wide open. When one thinks about that endless bitter struggle between the French and English, then between the French and Germans, it seems that they mutually exhausted themselves just in order to give way to other peoples.

New Völkerwanderung, as in the times of antiquity, will result in ethnic blending, all phases whereof are impossible to predict yet. When looking on those diverse faces, one can’t even think of a homogeneous society. The very possibility of the existence of this diversified mob signifies that the natives to the area that is occupied by aliens have no desire whatsoever to preserve their identity.

In the 3rd-century Rome, only sixty thousand from a million of inhabitants were of Latin descent. As soon as a folk completes its historical idea, the embodiment whereof was its mission, it loses the need to preserve its character, its unique face among the chaos of alien faces.

Europeans, who were the masters of both hemispheres, are slowly becoming the world’s laughingstock – as they, lanky, literally wrecked, are waiting for their destiny of footmen, of feeble slaves, and only Russians, the last white people, can possibly avoid this fate. They still have their pride, this engine, this stimulus of history. A nation that has lost its pride and stopped to see itself as the very reason or the main value of Universe’s existence, denies to itself the possibilities of development. For good or not, it becomes satiated. An ambitious man, looking on such nation, will become disgusted, while a flawed observer will become delighted. Only those folks that are staying near the dangerous edge can be charming, especially for those who is not fondled by the Time and does not flirt with Clio from the desire of self-punishment.

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