Website Development

Website Development

Website is the image frontier of your business. First what a potential client does in order to find out more about your products and services, or even just your contact data – is to look up your website in Goggle. This action is almost reflectory. Thus, you should get a website if you do not have one.

The website is a necessity in the modern business conditions. Up to 90 percent of your clients are using Internet. Even if word-to-mouth works well for your business, it is always good to be where somebody can try to look for you (and in case of Internet, probably will).

When you meet a person, first what you pay attention on is the attire. Same with the website – any business has to have a website that will look neat, simple to use but functional, and first of all, informative. Websites usability and content will influence the customer’s decision – to order the product or to close the tab.

Cohortes web studio offers quality solutions for e-commerce websites, corporative websites, landings and personal, business-card websites.

At Cohortes web Studio on each website works the team of four – graphical designer, internet-marketing specialist, web-developer and project manager.

We are hard-working team with the tuned workflow. Cohortes never disappear, always answers the phone and emails J and does everything possible to deliver the work on time.

How do we develop a website for you?

First, you provide us the basic information about your business and industry,

Second, we conduct the analysis of competitors,

Third, we develop your website’s unique design and architecture,

Forth, we confirm all the details with you and apply fixes and changes,

Finally, web-developers create your website in professional and timely manner.