Get More Customers – Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization - SEO

When you are trying to buy something in Internet, does not matter what, gadgets or shoes, you probably do not go further than two pages of Google search. People who look for the products and services in Internet are your potential clients, and your aim is to be at the top of the search list in order to be seen by them. Therefore, company’s website search optimisation is a necessary and promising investment for every business.

How do we push your website to the top, where it can attract thousands of clients? First, we do the complete technical audit of the website. Second, we form a semantic core – a list of the keywords, which your future clients are going to use in their search (for example, “Website Development in Vancouver”). Third, we completely optimise your website using the latest techniques.

The aims of the search engine optimization, and therefore of our work, are:

  • Attract the attention of the target audience,
  • “Monetize” a client website within,
  • Create the long-term client connection.

Search engine optimization is an important and valuable investment. However, keep in mind that times of one-month “keyword boost” are long gone – any attempts to get the search results “now and here” can end badly with the website under the Google’s filter.

Real, long-term results will come within 3 to 4 month with a stable clientele flow in the period of 5-6 month.

Steps of effective and resultative search engine optimization with Cohortes are:

  • Market analysis
  • Website technical analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Semantic core formation and analysis
  • Unique content creation
  • Thorough optimisation, internal and external
  • “Trusted links” to your website from externals, which elevate your search ratings
  • Only ¨legal¨ SEO methods
  • Constant Google Analytics tracking and adjustments
  • Only up-to-date search engine optimization strategies
  • Local visibility (Yellow Pages, Yelp, Craigslist, )