Glasses to Contact Lenses RX Calculator


An app developed for contact lenses internet shop. With the help of this app, the user can convert his prescription from ophthalmic lenses into the contact lenses format.

Relevancy. As for today, the app has no analogues on Google Play. The conversion tools provided by web-resources mainly consist of RX parameters comparison tables, which are hard for a simple user to comprehend, and of professional calculators that were designed to be used by knowledgeable opticians or optometrists. The manual calculation involves performing multiple arithmetic operations in accordance with a complicated algorithm.

The chance of error is high when the conversion is done with the help of comparison table, professional calculator or manually. Consequently, monetary loses can occur if contact lenses are bought using the incorrect RX: opened contact lenses boxes cannot be returned; customer’s mistake in RX calculation is not a warranty case.

Glasses to Contact Lenses RX Calculator application can help contact lenses buyers to convert their ophthalmic lenses prescription to contact lenses format fast, easy and with confidence.


Android SDK, ADT


  • Conversion by the optimized algorithm
  • Multiple design layouts for different screen resolutions
  • Quick access to with the button that is displayed after the calculation completion


Google Play Link: not yet published