Funny Kitchen App

Funny Kitchen – Cuisine, Receipts, and Cooking Tips


“Funny Kitchen” is a collection of fifteen commercial apps targeting cuisine and cooking enthusiasts. Each application is a multi-function recipes catalogue with smart calories management and diet control features. The app is monetized with help of full-screen and bannered Google AdSense advertisement and Google Billing in-app purchases.

As for today, “Funny Kitchen” collection has an average rating of 4.5 stars on Google Play, with 300,000 of total downloads. The number of downloads keeps rising. 


Data storage with SQLite, database access with the help of GreenDAO library. Server data exchange implemented with help of Retrofit. JSON data exchange: background data upload of “recipes” objects, implementation of “likes” system, calories management and user feedback features. Material design. Four design layouts for different screen resolutions. Localized in three languages.

Android SDK, ADT


  • Calories management diary. Consumed and recommended calories calculation. The calculation is based on user’s biometric parameters, lifestyle, the frequency of physical exercise and chosen diet.
  • User notification in case of prolonged inactivity
  • Each “recipe” in the “recipes” tab has a feature of “kitchen clock”, which automatically assigns a countdown for each stage of the cooking process, as specified in the recipe.
  • App-wide search
  • Social media integration with the help of Facebook API
  • Bookmarks window (user’s favourite recipes)
  • Optional Internet traffic economy mode
  • “Likes” rating system
  • User manual introduction slides
  • “Rate the app” window
  • Feedback window. Communication with the technical support is done within the app
  • Splash screen

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