SuperTeens is a commercial application for teenagers and their parents. The main feature of the app is an e-commerce with integrated parent control. Product range: cloth, products for teenagers, coupons for courses and entertainment events.

GPS tracking of whereabouts of the app user is an additional feature.


The app architecture was developed using the DI pattern. The pattern was implemented using the Dagger 2 library. Server data exchange was implemented with help Retrofit 2. Data received from the server is stored in the SharedPreference object as JSON strings. Authorization was implemented via x-auth-token.  Material design. Localized in two languages.

Android SDK, ADT


  • GPS tracking (parental control)
  • “Cart” feature
  • User profiles: registration and editing. User roles.
  • Selfie feature: image capturing and uploading to the server
  • Social media: “Tell a friend about this app” feature
  • In-app language settings are independent of the phone settings
  • QR-scanner

Google Play Link: temporary unavailable